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Here at Westfarm, our focus is clear; happy customers, the quality of our products, and the continuous improvement of our services.

We have combined all three for this blog post to bring you 6 tips to improve your homes energy efficiency.

1. General appliances

All over the house you’ve got electricity being used up when you’re not at home, and there’s lots of ways that you can save on the energy usage.

Only filling your kettle with the amount you need will reduce the amount of time it takes to to boil thus reducing the electricity usage. Fill your washing machine and dishwasher completely before turning them on, and try turning your thermostat down by a degree or two.

You’ll be surprised by the difference small changes can make.

Also when you’re ready to go to bed, remember to turn everything off. No point keeping your TV on standby when you’re in your kip, is there?

2. Double-Glaze your windows 

Keeping your curtains closed at nighttime can help reduce the amount of heat that escapes, keeping your home nice and toasty. Or you could do one better, and replace your single panes of glass with quality double glazing ones.

Once they’re fitted, it won’t only be the difference in heat you notice – you could be saving upwards of £200 a year in heating bills. Having that money in your pocket could help towards other home improvements.

3. Understanding how your home is heated

It’s important to know how energy efficient your boiler is, since it’s likely that at least half of your monthly energy bills are going to on heating. If your boiler’s quite old, it’s more likely to be running at a lower level than it’s peak efficiency.

You can also keep the heat in your home during the colder months of the year by upgrading your doors and windows with our range of energy efficient ones.

4. Insulation Products

There’s a lot of room for insulation in a home, and if you’re doing it right then you’re using the minimum amount of energy for the maximum amount of results. Cavity wall insulation can save you hundreds of pounds per year, and double glazing in your windows can do just the same.

And don’t forget to keep your boiler and your water pipes insulated – your hot water is going to stay a whole lot hotter if you insulate your pipes.

5. Consider switching energy suppliers.

We’re not saying you should give in to the next utility canvasser that rings the doorbell, but consider researching the best deals available. These days, there’s no shortage of available utilities companies, and there’s no reason not to keep your options open and your eye on any deals.

The easiest and simplest way to save on your monthly energy bills is to just pay less for them in the first place.

6. Install a smart meter.

Energy monitors don’t do anything to save you money in and of themselves, but what they can do is pinpoint those areas where you might be wasting energy, and you can decide from there where you could make the small changes that could lead to big savings.