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Home Energy Saving Tips

Energy bills are one of the largest expenses of any household. Whether owning or renting a home, a significant portion of the bills come from energy consumption, reaching upwards of £1,000 in your average UK household.

So, it’s understandable to want to make some savings around the home to help reduce these bills. Better still, saving energy at home also helps to reduce your carbon footprint, giving another great reason to make savings wherever possible.

It’s possible to make simple yet effective changes around the home to help save energy and reduce your bills. Try some of these tips to help save energy at home:

Turn off all standby appliances and electronics

Most of us are guilty of leaving something on standby, as it’s often more convenience than having to constantly turn things on and off again, but you could save up to £30 annually by simply switching off everything on that’s on standby!

Modern electronics no longer reset after being turned off at the power source, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue and could save you a good few pounds over the year!

Be vigilant with your heating

Around half your energy consumption goes to towards heating your home and providing hot water, so it makes sense to keep on top of this to help save energy when possible. A thermostat is always a good way to help control your heating, so if you don’t have one it may be worth installing a thermostat or programmer.

When used correctly you get more control over heating throughout the year, which may help save around £150 annually. Those with controls installed could benefit from something as simple as turning down the thermostat – even reducing by a single degree could save close to £75 yearly.

Upgrade your light bulbs

LED lights are cheaper than they’ve ever been, which is good news for households looking to save energy. LED lightbulbs consume a fraction of the energy compared to every other type of bulb (e.g. halogen, CFL, fluorescent), so installing them throughout your home could significantly reduce energy consumption.

These bulbs do cost a little more than other bulbs, but as they consume less energy and can last for several years at a time you end up saving money over the long-term.

Consider double glazing

Double glazing is certainly a costlier investment for any household looking to save energy, but the difference they make cannot be overlooked. Yes, you’re going to spend a lot getting them installed, but the money they save you over the long term makes it well worth it.

For instance, upvc double glazing is an exceptional insulator, especially compared to single glazing. The additional pane of glass reduces heat loss from conduction, keeping more heat inside your home for longer.

With average energy savings above £100 each year, double glazing will save a huge amount on energy bills over the years. Plus, double glazing from Westfarm Windows will last several decades while saving you energy, so they end up paying for themselves!