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New Windows – A Worthwhile Home Improvement

Old windows can be a source of numerous problems. During winter, they allow cold drafts to swoop in and suck out all the heat. During the summer season, the windows let in hot air which negates the effects you get from using air conditioning units. Not only is this uncomfortable and annoying, but it is also expensive because you have to keep your air con system (yes even in the UK) running for most of the day.

While you can choose to repair old inefficient windows, it always gets to a point where constant repairs won’t work anymore. Also, even though repair is less expensive in the beginning, the frequent repair needed will use up so much money that it will wind up being an extremely expensive fix over time.

The best option is, therefore, to purchase new windows and replace the old ones. Granted; new windows are a massive initial investment. However, they have four key benefits that will save you money in the long term.

They Are Energy Saving

Research indicates that energy loss accounts for close to 25% of the annual cooling and heating costs in an average UK home. In the same report, inefficient windows are noted as one among some factors that cause significant energy loss.

Replacing inefficient windows with new ones provide better insulation which in turn, slashes energy loss by a significant percentage. Less energy loss means you only need to keep your air conditioning system running for a few hours a day to stabilise the temperature.

Consequently, this will significantly bring down your energy bills and save you a lot of money in the end.

They Raise the Value of Your House

A 2016 study indicates that homeowners get 73% of their new windows investment back when they resell the house. In addition, replaced windows increase the house’s value by a significant margin.

The reason is that similar to built-in cabinets or mantelpieces, new windows that adhere to the most recent technological advancements are essential architectural features. They play an important role in the final listing price. It follows that a better listing price translates to increased profits.

They Help Protect Your Furniture

Usually, replacement windows are filled with gas—either Argon or Krypton. Also, they are treated with a low e-coating. These two systems reduce the UV rays known to fade furniture.

Furniture is expensive, and if it is continually fading, then you have to use a lot of money to replace it. However, if the furniture retains its initial color, then you will only need to replace it when you desire a change. Also, you will get a better price when selling your old furniture.

Clearly, the money-saving benefits of new windows cannot be minimised. It’s a an upgrade worth considering if your windows happen to be drafty, foggy, cloudy and hard to open or close.