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Enjoy reading, and want to open your home to natural sunlight? Want to utilise the sun’s natural heating properties to bring warmth to your house? Looking for an ideal gathering space for your family?

If you are looking to extend your house and provide extra space, a sun room is an ideal option. They’re cost ­effective and integrate smoothly with the rest of your home.

The Westfarm Windows team have put together seven of the most popular uses for sun rooms. We have seen these transform people’s houses overnight. As you read through the list, let your imagination run free and consider the different ways you could use a sun room.

1. Dining Area

One of the main concerns people have with a sun room is that it will be too cold in the Winter. Obviously a room isn’t a valuable addition to your home if you can only use it 3 months of the year! However, sun rooms can let you enjoy the white beauty of a cold winter’s day in the warmth of an enclosed space.

2. Indoor Greenhouse

Many people fill their sunrooms with plants You can add one, two or more potted plants or flowers to your sunroom to provide more oxygen, and to anchor the room in a natural setting.

3. A Reading Area

Install comfortable couches or plush seats in your sunroom, and enjoy your favourite books in the natural light.

4. Entertainment Space

Install a TV and surround sound system in your sunroom. Consider placing your furniture along the window, facing inside, for an enclosed atmosphere. You can even install a bar along the inside wall for the perfect hosting area.

5. Gym / Exercise Area

Install your sun room to make space for exercise machines and an indoor exercise area.  Your exercise will be more enjoyable with plenty of natural sunlight!

6. Family room

Install an entertainment system, play area, games shelf, and tables. A sun room blends the best of the inside and outside, and is a great place to relax with your family. You can even install french doors to the outside, and supervise your children’s play from the comfort of your couch.

7. Indoor Spa Area

Install an indoor spa. Enjoy the starry night sky while relaxing in the soothing warm waters.