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Why Choose uPVC for Windows & Doors

Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, better known as uPVC, is a very popular material used in double glazing windows and doors. They offer a host of advantages compared to more traditional framing materials, causing them to become one of the most widely used materials in double glazing and composite doors.

When it comes to upgrading windows and doors in your property, uPVC products are one of the main options available, and one well worth consideration. Read on to find out why you choose uPVC for your next home renovation project:


When it comes to materials for windows and doors, uPVC is in fact one of the cheapest available, which is always an advantage given the costly expense of getting new windows and doors installed in your property.

Compared to traditional materials such as aluminium or timber, uPVC is one of the cheapest on the market, and this becomes even more impressive when you consider the various benefits it has over these other materials.

Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons to choose uPVC for your doors and windows is easier maintenance. Not only is uPVC very durable, it couldn’t be simpler to maintain, requiring the odd clean with a soapy cloth and not much else.

Considering timber requires a lot of maintenance (e.g. varnishing, sanding, repainting) every few years, the fact that basically no maintenance is needed for uPVC makes them a great addition to households.

Long Lasting

As mentioned, uPVC for windows is exceptionally durable, meaning you can expect it to last for many years into the future. In fact, you probably won’t ever need to replace or upgrade your windows or doors after getting uPVC installed, as these are built to withstand all the elements.

Woods frames eventually rot, warp, and crack over the years, while metals frames are known to rust, so uPVC is generally a superior material for a window frame. Most manufacturers are so confident in their uPVC products that they offer 10 to 20-year guarantees.

Enhanced Security

The UK sees over 1 million annual burglaries, many of which occur through forced entry via windows or doors, so it makes sense to make your home as secure as possible, which is precisely what uPVC offers.

Frames for uPVC windows and doors are secure and rigid, making them much more difficult to force open. In fact, it’s quite difficult to break or damage uPVC, while most doors come with enhanced locking systems to ensure the upmost security.

Improved Insulation

Wood and metal don’t insulate as well as uPVC, meaning you can expect less heat loss and lower energy bills in your home. Your home will stay warmer for longer and avoid any drafts coming through which isn’t always the case with other materials.